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  A safe space for your soul to expand 

About me


   Soul Proprietor: Assisting you in realization,  action, and transformation. 

Discover yourself. Each  time we meet, you should notice a difference or gain some insight. I love the onion as metaphor for this - either you've added a layer, another ring to your body, mind, spirit or you've peeled back a layer and gotten closer to your center. 


   I am a certified Spiritual Director/Companion. My internship was through Claret Center located in Hyde Park.
   I am also a certified Christian Life Coach and hold a Masters Certificate in Pastoral Studies from Saint Xavier University, Chicago.

   As a Reiki Master, I assist clients in clearing and balancing energy centers in the body.
   Soul Proprietor: tending body, mind, and spirit.
   Thank you for visiting Soul Proprietor's webpages,
Joan Zabelka
   I offer workshops for your personal growth and enjoyment. Please check our calendar and other pages for more information.
If you are interested in having me teach a class at your center, organization, or church please feel free to contact me.
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   As someone who has benefited from all these approaches, it is my intention to help my clients experience the benefits too.
Spiritual, emotional, and physical healing can occur so that clients are able to become the miracles they hope to see.

  • It helps to have the right tools.

  • It helps to have a partner.

  • It helps to have a Higher Power.

  • If you could do it alone, you would have done it by now.