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Waiting and Wondering

Posted by Joan Zabelka on December 13, 2011 at 4:50 PM

Well if consistency is the key to successful blogging - I am not headed in the right direction. The only thing consistent in my life right now is the sciatica pain which continues despite 20 chiropractic manipulations, six different kinds of pain meds, five different doctors, two cortisone shots and a partridge in a pear tree...

Waiting and wondering - that is the title of this blog and the theme for my Advent journal. I do an art journal for Advent and one for Lent. It keeps me present to the holy days and less distracted by holidays.  

Waiting is a big part of our lives. We wait for babies to be born, our 21st birthday, wedding days, graduation days, summer vacation and the beginning of school. We also wait for test results, hospice, and for the other shoe to drop. We wait for both good and bad to occur everyday. The size of both the good and bad varies and so does our anticipation. The secret is to stay in the present moment - somehow.

Yes, we make lists and we prepare, but we can't control. Even the best travel agent can't guarantee a perfect vacation. All we can do is live the present moment with whatever it presents to us.

Sometimes life surprises as in God. My Advent was filled with surprise after surprise. Isn't that the spirit and irony of Advent? After all the waiting for a king and savior - humanity was surprised by a baby, born in a manger, adored by shepherds and angels.

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