SoulCollage Cards SoulCollage Cards Dog Nature Once a shaman told me I have Dog Nature, but Cat Personality. Here's my dog...still waiting on my cat card. 167776736 Marriage I don't know? What does it say to you? I am the one who... 167776737 Traditional Religion This was my first card and I went heavy on all the little inserts and symbols...still I love it. 167776738 Light a Fire under my Ass I am the one who... 167776739 Hidden Child We can have lots of inner children roaming around inside of us. 167776740 Yellow Chakra I am the one who holds the power. 167776741 My Dad Work in's not easy...forgiveness going on... 167776742 Stepping into Wonder Another inner child who loves to read and wonder. 167776743 Straddling Two Worlds The world of traditional religion and the metaphysical world. I find them to be one world, but not everyone does. 167776744 Shadow Issues 167776745 Some Days??? I am the one can be both positive and ???? 167776746 It was Worth it All! 167776747 We all Wear Many Hats Still thinking about this one. I cut it out because it reminded me of my sister Donna's hat collection...but I am the one who wears many hats too. 188242920 For I Know the Plans I have for You. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I am the one who...trusts. 188242921 Keeping up Appearances There was a British comedy with the same name... 188242922 Caterpillar Soup 188242923 Life of the Party 188242925 Bell Jar Dreams 188242927 Barefoot Girl 188242928 My Dad Adding a little more. 188242930 The Knight I'm not sure who this is. The Knight comes in during healing sessions. Is it a knight or St. Joan of Arc? I am the one who wonders... 188242932 Plato's Allegory of the Cave I am the one who decides what is real and what isn't... 188242933 3rd Chakra Companion Animal Monkey I am the one who never thought of her power chakra as monkey energy... 188242934 Monkey Mind I am the one who has monkey mind... I am the one who throws the monkey a banananananana to distract it. 188242935 Fire Tender I am the one who tends the flame of your power chakra. I am the one who ignites your passion for what you do. I am the patient one. I am the one who will feed the flame when you need more umph! I am the flame of the Sacred Heart. 188243136 Folly of Judgment 188243137 My Deepest Fears 188243138 My Mom I am the one who loves my Mom so much. 188243139 Thanksgiving a work in progress 188243140 Connecting with Spirit purple chakra - 7th chakra 188243141 Warrior Mother 188243142 Disappointed Child This child is still in pain. 188243143 Masks 188243144 I'd Rather be Sick than do???? 188243145 Sisters Not like we ever did something like this, but we did have fun and we do have fun. 188243146 Winter Solstice 188243147 Change - Shedding Skin 188243148 I Love my Body 188243149 I Listen to your Secrets 188243150 I can do it! 188243151 We are all One. 188243152 All Me! 188243153 Snake Energy 188243154 God is the Architect 188243156 The Witness Compassionate Observer 188243157 Source 188243313 The Critic 188243158 Perfect, Innocent Child 188243314 Good Little Catholic Girl 188243159 Life Long Learner 188243315 I am Glam! 188243160 Willing to Dive in... work in progress 188243316 La Loba or La Huesera or La Trapera (The Gatherer of Bones) based one the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes. A wolf woman gathers the bones of dead things then resurrects them by singing to them. 188243161 Relationship Still think on this one. 188243317