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Infinite Possibilities Private Coaching

$260.00 $330.00

Life does not limit us; we limit ourselves. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Thoughts become things and we attract more of what we focus on. Do you focus on love, prosperity, and miracles? Then you are sure to find them. If you are living in fear, dread, and poverty then that is where your thoughts are focused. The Law of Attraction works whether you believe in it or not (just like the Law of Gravity).

I became an Infinite Possibilities Coach to help people begin living a better life, a life they love.

Private sessions offer my undivided attention to you and your issues. Group sessions are wonderful for those who love group sharing, bonding, and interaction. Not everyone works best in that type of coaching environment. In private sessions we can address your particular questions, needs, and motivation.

The Infinite Possibilities Coaching Program is a well planned program that put you in control of your beliefs, your dreams, your outcomes and your life. Having a coach assist you with the program means you will stick with it and find success. You can begin living your dreams in no time at all. You will notice miracles and enjoy simple pleasures again.

The normal price for 8 weeks of coaching would be $320 plus $10 for the workbook. I am offering a special price now through June 2016 of  $250 plus $10 for the workbook. That's a savings of $70; it's almost 2 sessions free!

We can work in person or on the phone.

Contact me by email or phone   [email protected]    or  708-277-4958

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