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Mixed Media Art Journal - Baby Steps for Beginners

You need a sturdy art journal or sketch pad for now. You can turn most any book into a journal, but if you are a beginner then let's make it easy. This is the one I'm using now. Go big or choose a smaller size. You may want to use this as a practice journal for techniques to use in another journal down the line.

I will have some basic materials on hand for you to try out. This class is experimental and experiential. It's about having fun and not following the "color inside the line" rules we grew up with. It's about re-visiting your creative side and finding out what is beautiful, fun, exciting, and new within you. It's about learning from others too. We are all artists (with different styles) and co-creators with the Divine Creator. Let's tap into the creativity well; it's available to all of us. Most of all - let's just have some fun!

If you have any other supplies you'd like to bring - feel free. Now's the time to experiment with them.

art artists with different styles. We are all co-creators with the Divine Creator. Learn to tap into the creativity well; it's there for all of us. Most of all -

Supplies for Art Classes:


This list is good for most of the classes.

Artist Sketchbook or Journal (preferably watercolor paper since it holds up better for what we will be doing). It can be bound or spiral. Whatever you feel comfortable with. You could also just buy a sketchpad of watercolor paper and create your own book down the road.

Watercolors - you don't need fancy ones - just a tin of them will do. I would also suggest some watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils. You don't need all at once. Buy what you can and you can try some of my supplies to see how you might like to expand and explore.

Paintbrushes - a variety pack of watercolor brushes is a great beginning. They don't have to be expensive, just sturdy enough to use...not dollar store stuff in other words.

Pastels are fun too. They come in sticks and in pencil form. Again, expand as you can.

Glue, glue stick - any kind.

Magic Markers or Sharpies are always fun to have. You can mix it up with thick and thin points.

Crayolas - who doesn't like having an excuse to buy a new box. The bigger the better!

Gel pens are always fun. Black fine line pens by Pilot or Uniball are great for mark making. They come in a variety of colors, but black is always basic until you can load up on the others.

Eventually you will collect different images, stickers, papers, etc. to add to your pages.

Depending on the class - we may use acrylic paints for the mixed media art journal classes. We can use different stamps and stencils too. The list for this class will expand as your exploration into different media expands.

Speaking of stamps...a great source is Viva Las Vegastamps. They have a great selection of fun, unique, beautiful, and useful stamps for all occassions and tastes.



Remember - you don't need everything at once. You do need the journal/sketchbook and what ever supplies you feel compfortable with in the beginning.

Learning about the Chakras through Art Supply List


Bring at least two different types of media - e.g. crayons and colored pencils or acrylic paint and gel pens, markers and water colors. You will need at least the rainbow colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. If you bring paint, don't forget the brushes. I will have some other things to add to your work.