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Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women              

We've chosen our new book for Positive U Book Club. We are excited to begin reading this book and give our lives a nice caffeine jolt right before the holidays.

Author, Julie Clark, recognized at an early age how important self-care and self-renewal was. She has taken all the metaphors surrounding coffee and poured them into one inspirational pot. She hopes that those who read her book will find themselves living life to the fullest and enjoying every single drop. 

You can purchase through Amazon

or go directly to Julie Clark's


Through the month of October 2012 - we are holding open sessions to just meet and greet each other and to learn a little bit about each other before we begin the book. Meetings in October are FREE. Once we begin the book the first week of November there will be a $5.00 per week fee - paid at the beginning of the month. Paying by the month insures commitment to your self, to each other, and to the change that will occur.The book is divided into 12 chapters. We usually cover one chapter per week. I try to bring in other activities based on the discussions so sometimes the books run longer than the original framework. 

Get a jump start on the holidays by building your self-esteem, practicing self-care, and learning how to relax and enjoy life. Face the family - all the fussing and feuding - with a fa-la-la-la-la attitude.

 Bring a friend - the more the merrier...