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Life Coach
   Life Coaches, like old fashioned stagecoaches, assist clients to move from one place to another. A Christian Life Coach partners with you to mindfully recognize God's presence in your life.
Coaches help you to observe your patterns and habits. You discover which habits are supporting your goals and which ones are not.
God knew you before you were born. God knows your potential. Take the time to discover the "you" in you.
While I  offer Christian life coaching, I understand not every coaching client is from that tradition nor looking at change via that perspective. I will work with you wherever you are in your life and respect your path of spirituality.
Coaching Focus

Life Purpose

Changing Paths

Inner Child Work/Healing

Empty Nest

Accountability Partner

Marriage/Relationship Issues

Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer

book bMike Dooley -

I am an Infinite Possibilities Trainer now! I'm so excited to be able to offer you coaching based on the best selling book by Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities - the Art of Living Your Dreams.  



Free Initial Visit

Free half-hour session to determine what focus is best for you. We can also determine a coaching regime that fits your needs.

Coaching packages are available and the best value.

We can also work over the phone if that suits your needs and schedule.