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Mandala - Healing Art

   Mandala work has been a popular and productive tool to assist in healing. Dr. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, used mandalas to assist in transformation. He used them for personal healing and in his practice.

My training in Mandala Facilitation was under Dr. Judith Cornell. Mandala is Sanskrit for "sacred circle." It is my favorite prayer/art form.  


   Symbolic art comes naturally to most people so no formal art training is necessary. Stencils can be used if desired. Wonderful healing art can be made using prayer, reflection, and intention as the starting point of your drawing. I have been drawing mandalas for nearly a decade.

   Join us at Soul Proprietor as we set an intention and create a mandala for healing. We also offer an Introduction to Mandala class for more information on the Mandala itself.


Create and heal!