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Mandala Workshops

Mandala Workshops 

As a Christian Life Coach, I believe mandalas are a won
derful tool for facilitating change and enhancing clarity.
As a Gentle Hands on Energy Healer, I believe mandalas are the physical and symbolic representations of healing energy.

As a Spiritual Director/Companion, I believe mandalas offer a safe place for the soul to emerge and reveal itself. The meditative nature of mandala connect the soul to the Higher Power.

Benefits of mandala work may include any or all of the following

    * You will learn how to quiet your mind.
    * You will begin to connect to yourself as you never have before.
    * You will become aware of the light within you. You will shine!
    * You will learn to listen to that "still voice" inside of yourself.
    * You will learn how to translate symbolism that is meaningful and personal to you.
    * You will learn how to set intentions for yourself and your growing/healing process.
    * You will improve your reaction to stressful situations.
    * You will become more aware of the gifts that can be found in every moment.
    * You may find a creative side that opens even more creative avenues.