Soul Proprietor

  A safe space for your soul to expand 


We hold a Meditation for Beginners class each month followd by meditation for all levels. Everyone is welcome no matter what "level" your practice. We can always learn from each other.

For those new to the practice of meditation - please come at 6:30 for a brief introduction to the practice. Then we will hold a meditation at 7pm. The only way to get better is to practice and remember -  it is all practice...

Please pre-register for the Beginners class so I have enough handouts. I only hold a Beginners class when someone pre-registers. No registration is necessary for the the Meditation (but it's always nice to know who's comng).

Love offering appreciated.

Mindful Living Class

(Please contact me if you're interested in a day class.)

Mindful living isn't just sitting and meditation.

Mindfulness is living life to the fullest.

Living mindfully helps to reduce stress.

You will discover different methods to enhance your desire to live  in the present moment, with gratitude, and without judgment.

We will explore various ways to live mindfully.

Remember, it is all practice!

Begin relaxing and de-stressing now!

We are holding a monthly Mindfullness Class now. Starting in July 2014. Please check the calendar for exact dates.