Soul Proprietor

  A safe space for your soul to expand 


SoulCollage® is a process of creating a unique and personal deck of cards that invite you to look deeper and discover aspects of yourself. Seena Frost developed the SoulCollage® process. For more information about SoulCollage®visit the link. 

We hold SoulCollage® gatherings here. We meet in order to create SoulCollage® cards together. Every month or so there is an information session about SoulCollage® - check the calendar for SoulCollage® - Make and Take events. The other SoulCollage® sessions are for gathering and creating. We also offer New Moon SoulCollage, which a little bit different process using collage and the energy of the New Moon. This is based on the work of Michele Bailey-Lessirard. Please see the New Moon SoulCollage page for the link to Michele's website.)

Soul Proprietor offers a variety of classes to access your inner wisdom. You never need art experience.

A sample SoulCollage®Card with "I am the one" statements.

I am the one who is a shy child.

I am the one who does not want to be seen.

I am the one who hides behind a fuschia veil.

I am the one who wears lots of fun jewelry.

I am the one who does not want to be found.

I am the one who wears bright color that say, "Look at me!"


Look for more examples of SoulCollage® cards in the Photo Gallery.